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Let the Holiday Shopping Begin

November 15, 2020

I know some of you may already be done or almost done with your holiday shopping but I have yet to begin. With 10 Grandbabies you would think it would be just the opposite. But here it is just a few days before November and I am just beginning. To top it off we have 4 of the grandbabies Birthdays within a few days before or after Christmas. Double Wammy!

I will be doing most if not all of my shopping online this year. In the past, it was about 50/50 online and in-store. But I am just not wanting to venture out this year. Besides most merchants are having amazing sales.

Shopping for adults is pretty simple. This year I am going to make homemade gifts. I won’t spill the beans here but I know they will love it.

As for all the babies I had no clue where to start. They range from ages 9 months to 11 years. I am pretty sure I know what the oldest wants. Makeup and pretty girlies stuff. Oh and how she loves slime. So a slime kit under the tree is a given.

Here are my top Three choice for the 11 year old

I have three that are 5 years old and these three all have a Birthday around Christmas. So we will be celebrating their 6th Birthday this year too.

I have two girls and a boy in this age group. This age is pretty easy to shop for they see something on TV they say “I want that”. They are getting their own personalities and you pretty much know what they do and don’t like.

Here are two gifts I like for this age group.

So for the next age group, I have four grandbabies and this one is always a little harder to shop for. They are not as vocal but if they get something they have no interest in they are sure to let you know. I have four grandbabies from 2 to 3 years old, 2 girls and 2 boys. I like to get them toys that will last them a while.

For the final age group, I have two 9-month-olds and well this one is by far the hardest. I don’t want to get them clothes. We all know they will get plenty of those. But we also know they are going to get tons of toys as this is their first Christmas. Toys it is. Something as a keepsake for sure and something loud is always fun. I have both a boy and a girl in this age group so here are my picks for gifts.

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me. I have a lot more to do so I better get to it. Although most of these choices were not on sale or at a discounted price they are what I chose from wish lists.

Have you started your shopping yet? When do you start? Are you a late starter like me? Will you shop online or in-store? Do you read reviews before you buy a gift? Do you review gifts given?

Here are my answers

  • Have you started your shopping yet? Yup just Today LOL
  • When do you start? I always procrastinate and start in late November
  • Will you shop online or in-store? Online this year
  • Do you read reviews before you buy a gift? I try to, I want to make sure what I am given will last and be worth what I pay.
  • Do you review gifts given? Only if I actually see it being used and can give first-hand accounts. Otherwise NO

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